Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nel blu, dipinto di blu Felice di stare lassu

The mornings in spring are really great. They just kind of remind me that maybe it's okay - life, you know?
It's gray today.
The birds are in a tizzy over the abundance of food. It's a good tizzy.
Rain is close by and the world has been awake, excited to greet me. It might be a good day afterall.
I have a black cat lounging on me to assure me that, in fact, not *everyone* has abandoned me. He's a constant reminder that not all love is based upon a set of conditions. (I also have other things that remind me, but my little mister is my tangible token at this moment).
All of my issues are first world problems. I realize this. I don't have to fight for survival, I don't have to use my hands to fight off poverty, I get to walk without worry for the most part - sometimes I feel so silly for being tortured, because really I'm not.
This morning, pumping it's heart, swishing rain around in it's body, is telling me that. Grow up and be thankful and grateful and happy.
Sometimes it's easy.

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