Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My 8,000th first start

Aren't first blog posts the most difficult ones to type? And since I'm a "first blog post" connoisseur, I most definitely know what I'm talking about. They're hard. It's like, "should I introduce myself in some witty, cute way?" "should I talk about my intentions for this blog?" "Maybe this time I'll try something totally new, like... talk about how difficult the first post is..." I completely understand this isn't the most creative way to kick off a blog, but since I've started and stopped approximately 8 thousand blogs, I'll do the easy one.

Of course, by telling you that I'm a chronic starter, then chronic stopper of blogs, why, you're probably asking yourself, should I even invest in reading this one? Probably you shouldn't. But if you do, maybe we'll have fun together. Or maybe not.

I write poetry sometimes. And I do have a blog for that. That blog has been in existence for several years now... so, maybe I only pseudo have commitment issues.

This blog will be a catch all. That I promise you. At least for a little while.

1 comment:

  1. happy you got this blog up & running. you should post if only to know that i will read all of the things you put up.