Friday, May 6, 2011

let us float

days like this make a girl happy about life. emotions were raw and exposed today - all day long. we have such an opportunity to feel - and i'm not sure the majority of us take advantage of that.
things were beautiful. rainy in the morning, brilliant at noon, rainy again then brilliant again. sparrows hop a little cuter on days like this when we get to drink in all the temperaments of spring. but honestly, who am i kidding? sparrows always hop on the supreme level of cute. buildings, on the other hand, are more amazing set to the background of ridiculously large clouds. it really makes a girl want to sit outside and not move for eons - to melt away with decomposition and become part of the mud. sit around, quietly, and watch evolution turn us into more capable beings. maybe my skin will eventually become the boots of someone famous.

i feel like we're on the cusp. like maybe good things could be happening somewhere in the future that is absurdly close at hand.

did you know it was nurses day? i didn't either. i don't really care*. every day is day, i mean, right? let's praise the oxygen for doing it's job and the sun, those are important jobs. but we don't.

let's let the clouds be clouds - even though i exalt them often.

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