Sunday, July 31, 2011

tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?

i have a friend who is newly in love. isn't that nice? it really is. every time we see each other, she reminds me, "i'm in love, you know?" and i always remind her that i'm so excited for her. she likes him AND she loves him. that's fabulous. she thinks that when he posts pictures of planking, it's funny. and she'll show me photos of him on his facebook page and swoon over how handsome he is. and she's happy when she says his name. it's great. it's nice to have a friend newly in love.
in the scheme of things, i'm newly in love, too. 8 years, really, is a blink of an eye.
i'm a lucky girl.

in other news, i really would like something cold to eat.

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