Sunday, July 24, 2011

bottom of the bottle

please let me tell you about how well my friends know me.
this is a little collage of birthday gifts received:
UV protection for blonde hair!!! Did you know I have a real problem called hairexia? I do.
The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry!!!
Bright finger nail polish!!
OPI (!!) Shatter polish.
I mean, talk about hitting the nail on the head. Also for birthday gifts I received American Eagle money (!!), 3 little writing journals, a book with poetry prompts, a bottle of whiskey, two adorable little bottles of fancy alcohol, a cute pink bird to hold all my paper clips, a red winged black bird key chain, a X-files book and lots and lots of love. I think I must either be a) super open and vulnerable about my life b) *really really* easy to buy for or c) a combination of those two things.

anyway, i want this blog post to be a little braggy. because honestly, i do have the best friends. and not only because they buy me things, but mostly because they know how to buy for me.

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