Monday, July 4, 2011

good morning, 'merica, how are ya'?

I'm starting to look more like the person i know. summer does that to me. brings out my real skin tone, let's my hair do what it wants -you know. and when i'm near the water, my body feels weirdly at ease. it doesn't make sense. it might have something to do with my gray eyes and the ancient water that's kin to my blood. maybe.
i should live near water.
it's just too damn bad that i'll never be able to afford it.
enough of that.
let me tell you, husband and i went to St. Joe, Michigan yesterday for a wedding. i basically am in love.
we stayed in a motel about 15 minutes away from the beach. 15 minutes.
did i ever tell you that for 3 whole years i commuted 26 miles (about 35 minutes) one way to work everyday? 15 minutes seems like child's play.

the fireworks in the background remind me to tell my readers "happy independence day". i will also add, don't go chasing waterfalls.


  1. i live two blocks from the lake, and 4 minutes from the beach.

    you should probably move to minnesota. there's over 10,000 lakes here.

  2. i wanna live where you are. for lots of reasons, though. the beach would just be a perk. :)