Sunday, March 3, 2013

every body likes to cha-cha-cha

This weekend was ridiculous. Somehow I was invited to perform twice. IN ONE WEEKEND. Holy god, guys. What a wonderful honor to be esteemed enough, and trusted enough, to entertain a varied group of strangers at an event that has been a working part of the coordinator's soul.

It's magic, really. Magic.

The first event was for a young, community centered church. (yep, you heard me right: church). But guys, they're doing things right. They turned a parking lot into a GARDEN. Where they grow veggies to share with the community. SHARE, COMMUNITY, FREE ORGANIC FOOD. In order to do this, they need a tad bit more money, a tad bit more awareness, so they threw a benefit. And asked local bands and local poets to perform. Local talent, local food, local love that could (depending on how you feel) transcend time and space. I agreed immediately. I agreed and I was honored. Deeply.

Next, we had The Bomb Shelter. Standup comedy for very very amateur comedians. Pye,Brown is the creative force behind many swanky events in Fort Wayne and this one (as well as the first Shelter), I was invited to participate. They landed a beautiful space, a legit filmmaker and 10 amazingly brave (and funny) people to tell jokes like we really knew what we were doing. Let me just tell you... the entire night was full of wine, laughter and lots of anxious embarrassment. The perfect combination. Pye,Brown is genuinely interested in Fort Wayne, inspired individuals and how the two can make each other better by being celebrated together. Locally and creatively togethering. And me. I got to be a part of the A-list line up. And, how can a girl complain?

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