Friday, June 17, 2011

Slave to my artistry

let me tell you about my family.
like all of us, i have two sides to it. my mom's side is from England. all of it. i have some native american heritage, too, after the english came over. my dad's side is crazy. we have polish, swedish and norwegian. german, too, maybe. for some reason, i've always associated my self with the Scandinavian roots. it could be my name. i mean, my name doesn't get more scandinavian. maybe it's my build. (let me echo, my build doesn't get more scandinavian). it doesn't matter why, but i've always felt like a viking.
two months ago i decided to honor that with a sweet ass tattoo. had my consultation in april, and last night, got it. the initial plan was to have a viking long boat fighting the ocean. that fell through. even though i line myself up with that tier of my ancestry, i can't have a VIKING longboat on my body forever. honestly. there was lots of raping, lots of killing - that's not my style.
so, my very swedish grandmother had a tea pot. a gorgeous teapot. and so, that's battling the waves of immigration. all together, i'm showing my lust for the ocean and my roots and the big journey. nick fabini, the tattoo artist, is amazing. amazing. amazing. i recommend him to everyone i know.
i'm excited. and nervous. and i love it.
my grandfather, the Anderson, the person who has influenced me from the get go, well, he's going to hate it. but, i basically did it to honor him, his parents and our history.
all that to say, omg, i love this tattoo.

boring post, huh?

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