Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Got to be Something Better Than in the Middle

Saturday night, after a ridiculous shift at work, I had a few friends over to sip on a little Pecan Whiskey and talk about our lives before bed. Unwinding with girls and pecan whiskey is a good way to unwind. After Saturday shifts at my current job I mostly feel like blowing up buildings. Consistently. Instead, I drink and then go to bed. Where, coincidentally, I don't sleep well because I dream about the job soaked with job-related anxieties. What a terrible cycle, right?

Anyway - there were moments Saturday after work that I realized things have to change. There were moments in the goddamned craziness Saturday AT work that I realized things have to change. What a constant and terrible proverb for my life. So, these girls were sitting in my living room lamenting about bigger things in life, much bigger than jobs, and it hit me: I'm missing it because my brain is wrapped up with job related cellophane. I'm missing it.

How does it happen?

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