Thursday, August 11, 2011

ghetto university

don't even get me started about tiny humans.
oh my fucking god. i mean, seriously can you believe that noses and skin and bones start out so damn small?
and perfect?
don't even go there.
i mean, the nose on this little guy just is the best damn nose i've seen since 1998.
let's think about how 10 months ago this baby wasn't even started. humans only take 9 months to make. and then, like little aliens, grow up inside another human, eat that other human's nutrients and use that other human's body as an incubator. i mean, THIS IS CRAZY. and when that baby is born, it pops out surrounded in so much love before he even knows that this world is big. surrounded by so much love before he even understands that this world can be poison. surrounded by so much love before he even understands that he has LIMBS! Crazy brain, crazy human, crazy love. it's all so much.

my best friend had a baby.
and i'm not sure i've ever been more proud in my adult life.
the whole procreation thing is honestly mind blowing.

did i mention how perfect he is? how his skin covers his bones and blood and muscles just like it should? did i mention that his chin is the dumbest, most amazing thing i've ever seen? did i mention that i love this little baby and he doesn't even have a favorite color yet. he hasn't even seen my face, but he can rest in the fact that i will love him always. i will beat the shit out of anyone who hurts him and i will be the person who gets it when he's troubled. and when he needs to break some laws, i'm the aunt to go to... and when he needs to talk about love and sex, i'm there. i'm excited. i'm excited to see this human grow up and be a .. well, a human.

oh lord.
the day he was born, sun warmed my shoulders and the sky was shouting something like "hosanna in the highest".

my little prince was born. my little prince is a combination of two of my favorite people. how can he not have all my love?


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