Thursday, May 9, 2013

I broke free on a Saturday morning

Do you remember how in a few days I am leaving my job at the library? Do you also remember that I'm so happy, but also so sad? It's this weird juxtaposition I don't know how to handle - I'm doing a lot of crying, but it's self-inflicted, so, please, don't feel bad. (Except, I'm sure you wouldn't anyway.)

Unlike everything in my life thus far, I'm going to allow this transition the grieving it deserves. It's a change. It's allowed to tear my heart into tiny bits of paper. It's also allowed to make me climb on my roof and scream the Hallelujah chorus. But, as I'm typing this non-linear thought-blog, let me just say: Can you even fucking believe life? I mean it. Can you?

Because I can't.

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